Thursday, April 02, 2009

Argenta News-Magazine salesman

Magazine Salesman in the Neighborhood (UPDATE) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Miller (Argenta News)
Thursday, April 02 2009

Just got the following e-mail from an Argenta resident about a door to door magazine saleman working Willow Street in Argenta.

Just had a young man who identified himself as Antonio come to the door claiming to be taking part in some kind of "communications contest." Supposedly it's to help him become a better communicator and earn money to start a business. Bottom line: It's the old magazine subscription sales push to earn "points" toward some reward (trip to Cancun, he said). Can't speak to this kid's legitimacy, but last time someone I know bought a magazine through one of these deals the subscription never arrived. You might want to post something on the blog; he was a young guy, Asian descent, well-dressed and well-spoken, pushy in a trying-to-be-humorous way ("I was just at the neighbor's house and they sent me over here to have breakfast"). Had cards in plastic protectors but the only ID he offered was what he'd written in the blanks on the cards.

These guys are REQUIRED to have a NLR Peddlers License and it should look like this. If they don't have a peddlers license call the police. Often these door to door "salesmen" use the opportunity to get a peek inside your house and see of it is worth coming back and robbing. A legitimate magazine salesman will get a peddlers license and must show it to you upon request.

(UPDATE) Alderwoman Ross reports a different person with the same sales pitch was working Sherwood recently and her checks with the City revealed this group does NOT have a NLR peddlers license. She has notified NLRPD to be on lookout for them, but if you see them, call NLRPD immediately and make sure you give a good description.

Thanks for the info Scott.