Monday, March 12, 2007

Meeting 2-13-2007

Lakewood Neighborhood Group

Tom W.- Opened meeting with prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

Beth W.- Will have 4 signs for the next meeting to be put up Monday afternoon prior to the meeting.
In front of the school, at the corner of Fairway and North Hills, at the top of Snake Hill and at Fairway and Lakeshore next to the Old Mill.

Neighborhood services-we are included in the newsletter. They are requesting that people submit articles for the paper.

Calendars are still available at the LPOA.

Please submit any ideas for the 2007 meetings, topics to be brought up, speakers, etc.

Ribbon cutting for FOM to be Tuesday Feb. 20th at 11am.

Debi R.-Alderman. Report from City meeting--Electric rates increased earlier than originally thought. This will keep the increase down some.

S.- A house north of McCain was burglarized.
19 cars were broke into 2 weeks ago.
Bank robberies are up.
Recommend people lock doors, call police if there is anyone suspicious in your neighborhood.

The school will be having a Basket Auction next Friday the 23rd from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm. Craig O’Neal will be the auctioneer. With the money the school raises they plan to tear down the old basketball court and replace it with a new one, awnings for the portable buildings, a storage portable, equipment for the teachers such as TVs and DVD players. Last year they were able to purchase playground equipment.

Jail situation-there is nothing happening. City is paying for jail space but not able to use it.

Little Rock is now hiring and offering $7,000 more for police officers

LarryE.-Code Enforcement. It was brought up that there are 4 vacant houses on Glenmere and Lochridge alone. Would like to have an ordinance, now it takes too long (about a year).
Discussion re vacant houses-
Housing inspections has to go through City Council for condemnation.
Tom W.-searching web for other states definitions and fines.
How do we define vacant? Electric meter?
Debi Ross-In Hot Springs if electricity is turned off for > 6 months the wiring has to be brought up to code. Debi will call the city attorneys office to research this.
Beth W.-will add this to our agenda each month.

Meeting adjourned.
Next meeting will be March 13th at 6:30 pm.

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