Thursday, August 09, 2007

National Night Out-2007

Thank you to all who attended and helped with National Night Out. It was a special evening and the purpose was served to get neighbors out to meet and visit with each other. Also we are grateful to be able to visit with NLR City officials and workers. It was really great to have our Police Department, Animal Control, Neighborhood Services and the Firemen of Station #7 represented.

We again enjoyed the talent and music of the”Broadway Stars” under instructor Ms. Deidre. We were glad for their family and friends who joined us. They presented a fun and colorful collection of favorite musical scores. What a positive and cheerful group of young ladies!

More special thanks as well to:

Dilday’s Ice Cream Shoppe
Nachos de Farmer’s
Marilyn’s Eclectic Cuisine
Pruett’s Pastry Pantry
Maxine’s Cold Dranks
Watermelon Wheelbarrow de Lejman
Tom’s Tube Steaks
Reifsteck’s Community Driveway
Stan’s Photography
Scarborough’s Broadway Stage and Cookies
Officer Karl Sorrells and Family
Alderwoman Debi Ross
NLR Street Department (for an extra mowing of the median strip)

Lakewood Neighborhood (Watch) Group meets at 6:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Lakewood Elementary School in the Cafeteria.


Save the dates!
National Night Out 2008-Tuesday August 5th
Luminaries on Glenmere-Thursday December 20th, 2007


Rev. Mojo Ryson said...

I realize this post is completely off topic, but can ANYTHING be done about 1523 Garland??

Obviously an obsessive compulsive hoarder, and danged if a couple of the neighbors aren't following their lead.

I've called code enforcement and e-mailed Alderman Witcher (no reply).

What next?

Swing by and take a couple of pics. You won't believe this is in Lakewood.

Curious said...

More "off topic stuff"

Please post more frequently. There has to be something going on in Lakewood besides Crime Watch. The trashy entrance to the neighborhood at North Hills Blvd and Barbara Drive comes to mind. Quality entry improvements, mowed yards, and well kept homes tell others that we care and watch out for our neighbors.

This blog address has been posted by the City, Argenta News, and Levy Project. I'll bet there is a LOT more traffic now. Blogs create change and are capable of great progress.

Rev. Mojo Ryson said...

Curious, check that address, the only Barbara street I can find on my map is in Sherwood???

Liz said...

I found Barbara Drive, it is the short street going right as you come up North Hills from the Lakewood exit. The Y right after the nursery.