Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lakewood Neighborhood Group

Lakewood Neighborhood Group
October 9, 2007

Meeting opened with Pledge of Allegiance and prayer.

Representative) General Improvement money-The Supreme Court changed how local money will be dealt out. It will allow wider distribution. North Little Rock will receive half a million dollars from the House of Representatives. The Senior Citizens Center, Parks and Recreation, Fire Department, Pulaski Vo-tech, Hayes Center, Heritage House, and Care Link will receive money.

Lejman: Reading of July meeting minutes.

Bryant: Gadwalls to reopen tomorrow.
Sales tax issue-3/4 to go to schools, ¼ to reopen the North Little Rock jail. Council is looking at the sales tax burden on electric rates. We are still looking at a 6-8 million dollar deficit next year.

Creegans Pub opened, parking is an issue. City is looking at an area behind the Checkmate Club to purchase for more parking.

Health insurance for city employees is still up in the air.

The Pit bull that was taken into custody earlier this year was euthanized.

John Riley: Spoke regarding TIFs. Tax Incremental Financing-There is no life
(School Board Rep) span limit on TIFs. Each state has its own laws regarding TIFs. They are set up to encourage money to move into blighted areas. This is money that would normally go to taxes. The argument for TIFs-they bring growth back inside a district. This is money that will not be given to the schools. It is illegal to raise sales tax for the schools.
Response to question regarding rumor that Lakewood Elementary might close in 5 years-No plan to shut anything, we do need a master plan that produces the most efficient and productive use for the students.

Ross: (Alderman) If you live on a concrete street in Lakewood that needs repair call the Street department to get your street on the list.

The Ballpark tax came off September the 30th.

Novelty lighters are not allowed in NLR now.
Jones: Project Green is a grounds improvement initiative to beautify the grounds of Lakewood Elementary. 110 trees are on the campus. The last project the trees on the playgrounds were trimmed. The school has no budget for upkeep of the grounds. Kohl’s has donated $500. Some of the projects for this year are (1) clean up (2) have an outdoor classroom and (3) have a green house and recycle program. They will be applying for city beautiful grant next year. They would also like to have a nature trail and butterfly garden. Clean Up Day will be October the 20th from 9am to 4pm. 27 people have signed up-need 40. They will be building a compost bin, raking leaves and finish painting the soccer cages and fence. Please bring tools and wheelbarrows. Anyone that has loriope, we need it.

Sorrels: Vacant houses are still and issue. If you see strangers hanging around, driving up and down the street over and over, call the police. A call was made regarding a man that “didn’t look right” on Toph. Police arrested him breaking into a house. He had burglarized houses all over.

An arrest was made in the Holiday Inn homicide.

3 people were caught breaking into cars, 2 in Indian Hills and 1 on Crestwood. Lock your cars, take valuables inside the house.

Police cracking down on pawn shops. 4 arrested for fencing at McCain Trading.

Call police if people come door to door asking to work i.e. raking leaves, cutting trees etc. They have to have a placard with a picture ID. Boy Scouts selling popcorn right now are OK. Churches can walk on the street and pray for a neighborhood. If you are approached by people begging, do not give them money.

White: Jackson Hewitt tax class being offered.
Jacob Kacena will be distributing fliers for fall leaf removal.
Master plan for the renovation of the Old Mill-restrooms, sewer lines are being put in now.

The next meeting will be Tuesday November the 13th.

Meeting adorned

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