Monday, January 07, 2008

Meeting for 1-8-2008

Lakewood Neighborhood Group
January 8, 2008

Pledge of allegiance
Opening prayer
Minutes of last meeting

Beth White: Luminaries on Glenmere were a success. The city did a wonderful job cleaning the street and removing leaves.

Barry Hyde:
(State Rep.) There will be a change in the sales tax effective 1-1-2008 and in 2009 a change in sales tax laws, how they are enforced and areas they encompass.
(1)-AR streamlined sales tax. There is a federal guideline to get sales tax similar in the 44 participating states. The 2007 law states that sales tax is to be collected at the point of delivery.
(2)-$2500 cap on sales tax has been lifted; exceptions are cars, boats and airplanes. There is a group challenging this law. Internet sales tax may possibly be a reality within 3 years.

Abandoned houses—A Land Bank allows for take over of properties for back taxes, rehabilitate and resell.

Debi Ross: 1) Cross walks will be built and JFK and McCain and North Hills and McCain.
2) City web site is close to completion.
3) Fire on Waterside last night, house may be a total loss.
4) There is a need for stuffed animals for the police to carry in their cars to help with children. Please take donations to substation.
5) Fire Department is collecting DVD’s and CD’s to send to soldiers. Please call Peggy Morel at 340-5377
6) Run away shopping carts are an issue. In many cities it is against the law to take the cart off the lot. The city will pick them up and store them now. Stores can pick them up for a fee or city may sell for scrap.
7) The city budget is 130 pages. Debi has a copy for anyone who is interested in looking at it.
8) The Baring Cross TIF is being utilized by Rockwater Village. You can visit their web site
Sorrells: There was an increase in break-ins at Christmas time. Remember to be vigilant, lock doors, and leave lights on front and back yards. Violent crimes are down. Please call 911 if you see any questionable person in your neighborhood.

Beth White: Project Green at the school asking for ground cover. Loriope or monkey grass, mondo grass, Asiatic jasmine.

The Neighborhood services newsletter can me mailed to you. Call 340-5394.
A new group is forming Lakewood Northeast. They will have a meeting on January the 24th at the LPOA club house on lake #3 at 7-pm. This group was started due to issues in our neighborhood.

Rita Gruber: Announced she will be running for Judge for Arkansas Court of Appeals

Beth White: Our next meeting is Tuesday Feb. 12th.

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