Monday, April 07, 2008

Lakewood Neighborhood Meeting

Lakewood Neighborhood Group
April 8, 2008

Pledge of allegiance
Opening prayer
Minutes of last meeting

Beth White: The Old Mill reopening has been delayed due to the weather.

State Rep
Barry Hyde: Special Session, Legislation for legal expenses for school expenses.

Debi Ross: 1) Shopping carts-ordinance passed. Call Code Department if you see a cart on public property.
2) Dumpster hours-Ordinance pulled due to three companies stated they will take care of it. Any problems with dumpsters call your alderman.
3) Hydro plant-revenue down due to height of water.
4) Mayor will present tax proposal to the City Council next week.

Calloway: States she is running for NLR District Judge civil/criminal court.

Sorrells: Burglaries slowed down some. There was an increase in stolen window air conditioning units and catalytic converters from cars.
Vagrants around McCain Mall have become more of a problem.
Any one going door-to-door selling anything has to have a placard issued by the city to show they have bought a license. If they do not, call the police.
Beth White
Debi Ross: The Great North Little Rock Clean-Up is scheduled for Saturday, May 17, 2008. Team Check-in at 8:30a.m. Volunteer Lunch provided at Noon. Trash bags, safety vest and gloves provided. You could win prizes, T-shirts or Funland tickets! Contact Margaret Powell at 501-340-5305 to register, deadline May 7th.

Beth White: North Shore Animal League Tour for Live will be April 16th.
Neighborhood Coalition will be June 7th at the Riverfront Park.
Ozark Project Mission will be in our area again. They fix up houses for those in need. They are looking for homes in our area that are in need of refurbishing.

Next meeting will be Tuesday May 13th at 6:30 pm at Lakewood Elementary.

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