Monday, June 09, 2008

Lakewood Neighborhood Group

May 13, 2008

Pledge of allegiance
Opening prayer
Minutes of last meeting

State Rep
Barry Hyde: House currently working on the proposed budget. The lottery amendment needs 75,000 signatures to be voted on. The Attorney General’s Office has to check to make sure all signatures are registered voters. All of the money will go to scholarships.
Call or email Barry with any issues.

Debi Ross: 1) Sales tax pulled. There was a law change, can’t have 2 different end dates.
2) Code-a lot of condemnations coming up. All last night were condemned.
3) RV Park passed.

Sorrells: The man stealing catalytic converters was caught.
Closed down a daycare being run out of a house, DHS is investigating.
Lawn care people showing up. Call police if the do not have a license. Lock up lawn mowers, several stolen recently.
Increase in copper stolen from window air conditioning units.
Robberies are down in this area.

Beth White: NLR Police will have a ceremony May 13th to honor officers lost in the line of duty.
NLR Clean Up May the 17th.
Shiners’ are selling Vidalia onions.
National Night Out will be Tuesday August the 5th. Residents on Glenmere have done something for the past 3 years.
We have a new mail carrier. He has voiced a concern regarding dogs running loose.

Next meeting will be Tuesday May June 10th at the Old Mill and a quick tour.

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