Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Questions for candidates

The League of Women Voters will be conducting their candidate question and answer session for North Little Rock mayoral and alderperson candidates next week. The session will not be open to the public; however it will be taped and rebroadcast several times on the Comcast community access channels. A representative from the North Little Rock business community, League of Women Voters and a representative from the North Little Rock neighborhoods will each be allowed to ask questions of the candidates from Ward 1, Ward 2 & Ward 3 as well as the mayoral candidates.

I have been asked to participate as the representative of the neighborhoods. I believe there are many very intelligent and dedicated people in our neighborhoods and I am asking for your help in finding the right questions to ask of the candidates. Please e-mail me at segwalls@swbell.net with the question you would like asked in each of the three alderperson races and mayoral race. Please keep in mind, given the time restraints, I will probably only get to ask at most 2 or 3 questions of each alderperson candidate and maybe 4 or 5 of each mayoral candidate. The questions must be succinct and to the point. The questions should also address neighborhood specific issues. I would appreciate citizen’s questions that are serious and I look forward to finding the best questions to ask our candidates.

Scott Miller

Vice President

Unified Neighborhood Coalition


Mason said...

Can the video from this session be posted on Youtube or a similar video sharing service so that those who are not Comcast customers can see it?

Liz said...

Mason, I have emailed Scott Miller with your question. I also do not have Comcast and would like to know the answer.
Liz Lejman

wilson5817 said...

Ask Mayor Hays about his support of Bloomberg's Anti-gun Coalition.

Liz said...

I have sent your question on to Scott Miller. You can email him directily at segwalls@swbell.net.
Liz Lejman

Liz said...

Wilson5817, please email Scott Miller (segwalls@swbell.net) he is requesting more details regarding your question.

wilson5817 said...

I dropped him an e-mail.