Thursday, December 18, 2008

Red Cross

Blood inventory levels are dropping due to the
impact of recent weather and holiday activities.
Around the clock, blood is needed to help
accident victims, surgery patients and many
others who need blood every day.
During the cold weather months we typically
see fewer blood donors. Many area hospitals
count on the Red Cross to keep supplies at
the ready and we can’t do it alone. Please help
us ensure that blood is available by visting a
blood drive today! It is safe and usually requires
less than an hour of your time.
Call a few people, remind a few friends and
family to make a donation and help save lives.
Each donation can help up to three patients in
need. It is a gift you know will be appreciated.
Thank you from everyone who will benefit
from your generous gift of blood; a gift which
may provide someone an opportunity for
another holiday season with loved ones.
For information call 1-800 Give Life or visit for drive locations.
This Holiday Season...
...the need remains.
1-800-GIVE-LIFE |

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