Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Speed Humps on Lakeshore

Signs have been posted on Lakeshore Dr. to solicit comments about installing speed humps. As a consistent jogger I think the speed humps would improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclist. Thank you to the community for taking the initiative on this.

Shawn Archer


Mason said...

Please post the phone number here. I hate those blasted speed bumps going up all over the neighborhood. The impede emergency vehicle, cause unnecessary wear and tear on automobiles, and they are a nuisance.

USS Liberty said...

All this time i thought the purpose of streets was to provide vehicles a means of getting from point A to point B, when in fact they are really elaborate jogging tracks. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

Shawn Archer said...

Sorry yo feel that way. More than once my run on Lakeshore has almost turned into a swim.

rgarrett said...

A lot of effective alternatives exist - check out www.radarsigns.com

Rich Garrett @ rgarrett@raadarsign.com

rgarrett said...

My purpose is to make you aware of our products and solutions for cost-effective non-invasive traffic calming.

The ultimate goal is to make roads safer. Statistics show that our products work and are cost effective. Other cities I am working with use our signs to show the community a response to their complaints and also to collect data for the more effective target enforcement speeders, thus saving officer’s time and the City’s money. Also, this technology is approved by several grant sources including Safe Routes to Schools etc. In many cases it shows responsiveness by the government to their concerns and creates favorable press coverage.
I would appreciate any comments you would have as to how to improve the awareness of our product.
Please take a moment to click on our website: www.radarsign.com for additional information.

Shawn Archer said...

Yes...obviously that is what I meant when I made the post of citizens taking action to solve a problem. I am no stranger to sarcasm.

Shawn Archer