Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lakewood Neighborhood Group meeting

We look forward to seeing everyone at the regular monthly meeting of The Lakewood Neighborhood Group.
It will be on Thursday at 7:00 - Lakewood Methodist Church in Room W2 (Upper breezeway).

The topic of this month's meeting is:

"Being Your Brother's Keeper: The Importance of Being Vigilante in Maintaining Your Neighborhood's Value."

NLR Code Enforcement will be talking to us about what to do and how to deal with "unsightly" problems in our neighborhoods that can cause all of our property values to decrease and that are the beginning of neighborhood blight.
You'd be suprised how much of a problem this really is - even in Lakewood!

We'll continue this conversation in the coming months - talking with a Lakewood real estate agent about property values (maintaining them and how our neighbors can affect them) and about theories such as Broken Windows that addresses these topics.

Hope to see you Thursday!
Shawn and Celeste

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