Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lakewood Neighborhood Group

Opening prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

Liz Lejman:
Minutes read from meeting on 4-10-07.

Debi Ross-Alderman:
Spoke with the Head of Parks regarding the Old Mill
gates. He asked Mary to write a letter regarding request to close the gates at 9 pm and the Parks and Recreation will look at it at the
next meeting will be 5-21-07.

Neil Bryant-Alderman:
Anyone can attend the meeting at the Community Center.
Regarding keeping tax records-the state requires that records are
kept for 7 years.
Sidewalks around lake #3-the project ran out of money at the
bridge. The sidewalk needs to be shored up, light poles are being moved back but, will be moved after the sidewalk is put in.
Concerning Lake #1 and 2-the moss growth. A fish biologist treated Lake #3, with grass eating Carp. The banks will be sprayed, it will take 2-3 years to clean up.
City employees will receive a 3% salary raise, the last on was Sept. of 2005. Regarding the issue of the baseball statues- Neil paid for his, Debi did not want one.
Baseball park-parking has not been a problem. Kids’ days at 11am on Mondays were full. People attended from all over the state. Children were admitted for free.
Dry cleaning and plastic bags are now recyclable.
Regarding the Sani-can at the Old Mill— handicapped accessible restrooms are to be built.
Door to door salesmen-have to have a permit with picture ID. Magazines-they have to deliver them right then, can not take an order to deliver.

Beth White:
Officer Sorrells was not able to attend, but did send a note. Police are working on files of vacant or abandoned houses. There is still a problem with cars being broken into.
Lakewood Elementary needs loriope, also known as “monkey grass”.
Neighborhood Services has a newsletter that is put out quarterly. You can call and request the newsletter to you at 501-340-5394 or email NLRNeighborhoodServ@northlittlerock.ar.gov. The North Little Rock directory is also available.
The Old Mill will be adding restrooms, lighting and an amphitheater.
A one time mailing regarding our meetings is still in the works.
Great Nite Out will be on the first Tuesday in August.
We now have a blog site lakewoodng.blogspot.com.
The next meeting will be June 12, 2007.

Meeting adjourned

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