Tuesday, July 10, 2007

June 12th 2007

Lakewood Neighborhood Group

Meeting opened with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Barry Hyde
State Rep: Most of the legislative acts that were passed will go in effect in July, such as the cut in grocery tax by 3% and the blighted neighborhood act.
Funding of the general improvement money-North Little Rock $455,000
One the ballot in 2008 to change the legislature to annual instead of biannual meeting with budget meeting on even years, also to clean up antiquated language of by-laws.

Sorrels: Re question of pawn shops checking for stolen goods: Detectives check pawn shops daily. Pawn shops are supposed to keep records on each item (name, address, serial numbers etc.) Pawn shops lobbied for legislation to return stolen goods for what they paid.

Control: Anti chaining legislation has been in effect since November, trolley line is ok with 10 feet of lead. Pit Bulls continue to be in the news regarding a former resident of NLR. NLR dealt with the woman for 3 yrs. She has 30 days for an appeal before the dog is euthanized. The other dog is in custody and NLR wants permanent custody. They are also trying to get a ruling that the owner cannot have a dog over 20 lbs. Pulaski county is considering a ban on Pit Bulls. Animal control continues to find Pit Bulls in the city. Lonoke, Jacksonville and Little Rock are also looking at a ban. Regarding a question about feral cats—animal control will bring out a trap and will come and get the cat if you call. Squirrels-animal control will come and get them if you trap them, repair your house during the day time while they are out side. AR Urban Wildlife will help with raccoons, possums, squirrels, bats, etc.

Alderman: Speed hump report for Edgemere Rd—2 are recommended. Residents on Fairway between North hills and McCain are requesting one.
Noise ordinance-June 25th there will a public hearing at the City Council meeting. Debi will fax a copy of the ordinance if you want to look at it. The web site for the city council is being revamped.

Alderman: The city is short 8-10 million dollars for 2008. 4 things we could do:
1) Raise electric rates 10%
2) Cut services 20%
3) Borrow the money (we have authorized $20 million for 2 years.)
4) Sales tax ½ cent for 4 years with a defendant cut off.

Plum Point 2 would last 30 years or so if we get into it., This would require a special meeting.

Algae in lake- carp were put in t eat the growth, will take a year. The carp do not reproduce or eat other fish. The algae came form fish that were put in the lake from another lake. This is a natural occurrence.
Sorrells: Lakes do die; they need aeration, moving water. Catfish and minnow ponds use tractors to aerate the water.
There has been an increase in crime in our area. Home invasion burglaries-3 houses in our neighborhood during Riverfest and Edgefest 1 on Lakeview and 2 on Overbrook. These 2 festivals brought in lots of people. Take more care with your personal items, lock things up. Lawn mowers lock up or chain up. Lock up sheds. Don’t leave anything in view in your car. Car windows have been shattered, 5 in the last week. Leave lights on outside. Sliding glass doors-bar them, better locks are available at home stores. Thieves are not using pawn shops as much, selling goods to friends for little cash. There has been an increase in domestic incidents. Do not answer your door to door to door sales men, call police. Lawn services-if the truck is ratty with no sign on side of truck they are probably stealing mowers. Call the police.

White: The next meeting is July 10th. National Night Out is Tuesday August 7th. There will be a free National Night Out workshop on Saturday August 4th, those interested in attending need to contact the Department of Neighborhood Services for registration.

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