Tuesday, July 17, 2007

National Night Out-2007

WHERE: Glenmere Road (Both ‘sides’ of the median!)
WHEN: Tuesday, August 7th
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
WHO: You and your family!
We’re celebrating National Night Out, with an evening of neighborly fun (eat, walk, and talk!) for residents on Glenmere.
Do you want to participate by hosting a “snack” to share with your neighbors? If you are interested please call 758-2738 for more information. We are changing the format to having all food on the lower level in the driveways of several houses.
The “Broadway Stars” will again come for a dance and musical presentation!
Police, Fireman, NLR City Government and Departments are invited.
The purpose of National Night out is to heighten community awareness and to strengthen participation in local anticrime efforts. We on Glenmere support this goal, and also want to encourage neighbors to get together.

Everyone, please turn your front porch lights on between 7:00 and 10:00!
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Tom and Beth White
4021 Glenmere

Lakewood Neighborhood Group

Opening prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

Neil Bryant: Dog issue-in court, city joined county trying to get ownership of dot to have it euthanized.
Floating target budget for 2008-ball park tax expires in October. Half cent to be voted on in January. Ballot title to PURCHASE WHOLESALE POWER.
INFRASTRUCTURE-Sewer department, the treatment plant needs to be upgraded. The pumps are wearing out. Sewer rate increase is recommended $14 million to fix infrastructure.

Debi Ross: Noise ordinance- police will have several meters. Industrial zones taken out completely. Construction/residential 7am to 9pm now. It can always be changed if needed.
Bass Pro Shop-nothing definite yet.

Neil Bryant: City has to have $10 million to keep from raising rates.

Officer Bono: Regarding vacant houses-one officer in each district logged vacant houses. There are 150 vacant houses. The list is faxed to Code Enforcement. They will check vacant houses in areas of burglaries. If there is a vacant house on your street email Officer Bono nlrpolice.org
Keep any valuables covered in your car. Do not leave anything in your car at night.
Burglaries-Quite a few. Park Hill, the people were in the home asleep. Keep garage doors locked.
Be careful about confronting people, they could be smoking PCP, the could be aggressive, assault you. Don’t stop and help people with flat tires. Do not answer the door to people you do not know. Check all the check numbers in checkbook if your purse is stolen, they may take checks from the middle of the book.

State Pawn shops cracked down on regarding record keeping.
Representative Keep in mind for this fall the ballot for the 1/4th sales tax for
Barry Hyde: county to fund jail.
Drug Court-expanded in Pulaski County.

Code Officer
Eperson: Two officers are assigned to checking on vacant houses. This is a
long process to condemn.

Beth White: The next meeting will be September 11th at Lakewood Elementary. August 7th is Great Night Out. August the 4th is the Great Night Out Workshop.
Glenmere Rd will have food and activities in several yards again this year. Please leave your porch light on from 8 to 10 pm.
The Citizens Police Academy will start this fall.
The Old mill hours are 8am-9pm in the summer and 8am-7pm in the winter.
Friends of the Old Mill will get a portion of the sales from the Art Space art gallery Friday 13th 5-9pm.
Restrooms at the Old Mill are scheduled to be built in September.

Meeting adjourned

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